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Considering different options I have a quation about what could be a better choice:

1. Retaking the LSAT ( a strong chance to get at least 6 pts higher) and applying next year.

2. Going to a ~130 ranked shool, retaking the LSAT and applying for a transfer.

If one goes to a tier 3 or 4 law shool, does it eliminate the chances for transfering much higher? I am asking this, because I think that with a better LSAT score I could get into some very nice places. I did not have my foreign undergrad credentials evaluated during the application cycle and I think this had a bad effect at some places. Now this problem is fixed, unfortunately too late.


Studying for the LSAT / Can someone give me an advise? or hope?
« on: December 28, 2005, 01:30:23 PM »

I've been reading this message board for a while and never wrote because the information here was sufficient to answer my questions. However, the present I received on Dec. 23 made me situation difficult.

On the practice tests I was in the 160s and even reached 169 on practice test 46... This was encouraging provided that I am not a native English speaker. Sadly, when I took the December LSAT and I was slapped with a 157. Woe me. This is -6 points for Boston U, which was otherwise exactly in my range, and is a nice place to study law. Needless to say that I have to forget about places like Yale, Cornell, etc. My question is: I hear people often to speak about "soft factors" amd I wander what you think about my "soft factors" and whether they could compensate for the -6 LSAT points.

I am Bulgarian, 31 y.o., male.
Undergrad - Chemistry in Bulgaria (Sofia University)
Grad - I expect to complete the PhD in chesmitry at Dartmouth by June 2006
Two (I expect quite good) recommendation letters form professors at each institution.
Seven publications in good physical chemsitry journals, cited a few times
Bulgarian (native), English and Russian (fluent), Greek and Hebrew (profficient).
Two teaching awards and one for excellence in Hebrew
Mensa membership in Bulgaria (expired, as I was not there)
Plitical involvement in Bulgaria for 7 or so years (ordinary member and activis level)

So, this is it. If someone has suggestions, I will ne glad to hear.

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