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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Rev!
« on: May 04, 2006, 05:51:21 PM »
If UNL doesn't let you in I'll be so upset!

Try what I did, get a letter N tattooed in red on your person, snap a photo, and send it in with the caption 'you gotta let me in, I'm already committed to the program!'

Okay, so I didn't send in the pic. But I did hold it in reserve in case they did waitlist me. Have you called them recently to express continued interest?

I really want you and your wife to be around this fall. Having met a few classmates, I can say with all honesty, we NEED grownups!!!


If a school asks "have you overcome significant educational or financial hardships to obtain your undergraduate degree?" and you say yes, then the application instructs you to explain how/why on a seperate sheet of paper, how do you know how long it should be?

University of Nebraska's application has this, and I'm not sure. Do they want a rundown of gross income? A listing of hardships? A somewhat flippant summary of a family of four living on a ramen noodle budget?

I hope this isn't too silly of a question, I'm coming at this whole process several months behind and a totally uninformed (I have no prelaw advisor).


Anyone have a vague idea how long one should be?

Or interested in reading my 1st draft? I'd be happy to return the favor.


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