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Hello all,

     I'm just curious as to if anyone on LSD was seeing lower scores on their practice exams, and a bit of large discrepancies (Example: I went from 145 to 155 in one week on different practice exams?). I feel that I did not guess on one question on the real exam, and that it was actually a bit easier than any of the practices I had taken. I went in there thinking I was going to cancel afterwards, and ended up having good gut feeling on the way out of it. I just hope I'm not the only one who went in there not satisfied with practice scores, with hopes that I did better than my practice scores. This is my first LSAT and I know there is one more shot in December, hence why I have not canceled yet. Thank you I appreciate your input and time!

Hello All,

  I have a picture of me and top politician whom I had worked for while in undergraduate at UAlbany. I think it would be to my benefit to send in this picture because she had wrote a personal recommendation on the picture, yet the LSAC does not accept photographs? Does anyone know how I should go about sending this in to the admissions offices on my own? I was thinking of just doing paper applications but some schools dont allow that and only allow LSAC submission. I'm not sure how to go about sending them this, maybe just creating a general letter asking them to attach it to my application I had submitted through LSAC? Thank you for your help and time!

Hello all,

    I've been locked in studying for about 6 weeks for this exam and my practice score is still only 140. I'm looking to score 155 range and I am unsure if I should just not show up and I believe that comes back as an Absent to schools or go in and Cancel. Kaplan prep course did nothing for me as I feel I like powerscore bibles so much better. I grasp the basics and techniques for the problems but in two practice exams the overall score is too low. The first one I did decent on LR and bombed LG and RC. Then second one was drastic increase in LG and RC but twenty point drop in LR. If I combined all my best sections I'd prob be close to my range. Any recommendations as far as prepping and going all in for december one so I can increase points ? And if it is better to be absent or go in to cancel? Thank you for your advice. I sincerely appreciate your time.

Studying for the LSAT / Low score Practice LSAT? Help please
« on: September 14, 2010, 08:02:24 PM »
Hello everyone, 
             If I dropped ten points and scored low on a practice test of a 140 four weeks out from Oct LSAT should I consider withdrawing or is there still hope grinding out in the books to see why that one practice test was so low? Thanks for your time.

Hello all, I'm fairly new to the boards although I've been a frequent visitor. I am currently prepping for my LSAT exam this october taking my 2nd kaplan course and studying the PowerScore bibles. I know that many people who go to law school speak about dropping out, and no one is ever happy. I graduated from SUNY Albany this year and I am pretty set on wanting to go all in and attend, but some of these posts are quite discouraging. I was fortunate enough to be invited on scholarship  trip to John Marshall Law out in Chicago where they made us sit through some Mock law school classes, and at the end of the program we had a mock trial in which I received a tuition waiver. I was able to see that indeed my interest does lie in law, but of course I'm still a bit skeptical. I've interned for Hillary Clinton before she got promoted to Secretary of State, and I am currently interning for an NFL agent and both have submitted LORs to the LSAC. I was a Political Science major and a Business minor and I always felt my interest lied more in law/government than business/finance (playing with numbers, math, etc). I am sure there have been posts like this in the past, but I'd appreciate some honest opinions. Thank you all for your time!

Hello All,

  I interned for Hillary Clinton in Albany while in college for fall of 2008 right before she was promoted to Secretary of State. Her office has provided me with a U.S. Senate recommendation that is very personal about myself. I was wondering how effective this would be in getting me in law schools? the other LOR is from my law professor from school. I graduated with a 2.5 in Poly Sci which I know is low but if I score well on this Oct LSAT I hope to still manage to get in a law school with decent LSAT Score. thank you for your time!

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