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Law School Admissions / Preparing for Intellectual Property [IP] Law?
« on: November 06, 2010, 11:42:46 AM »
Hey Guys,

I am a senior in high school who is about to commit to either George Washington University, UT Austin, or Boston University.  My question was how do I prepare myself to becoming an IP Lawyer? should I major in engineering or science? and which is the best and most secure category of IP Law? Is it trademark, copyrights, trade secrets etc.?

Any help appreciated!  :)

Hey Guys,

I have a major dilemma about planning to go to law school. I have heard from so many sources that it is very difficult to get a job as a lawyer now a days for all reasons regardless of a bad economy/recession. I heard this is due to a loss of respect or dislike against lawyers. Is this true or is the exception those who graduated from T14 Law Schools. If I don't get into a T14 law school is it worth it to practice law at all? Also what do you think about 3+3 accelerated programs some universities have these days where one can get a BA/JD or BS/JD within six years? I am seriously considering it but a lot of people say its a bad idea! I am really going nuts about this and I really need some mature advice!

Any Help Is Really Appreciated


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