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Law School Admissions / Question about reapplications...
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:16:34 AM »

I pretty much have no chance anymore at getting off either of the two waitlists im on for my applications this year, but I cant seem to find any information to answer my questions about reapplying. Naturally, I want to try again for next year's admissions, but I am just curious,

1) Do I need to retake the LSAT to reapply?
2) Do I need new letters of reccomendation?
3) I assume I need a fresh personal statement?

Getting a new LSAT score shouldnt be too difficult (in fact, hopefully I can study some more and get a better score) but getting new letters of rec would be incredibly diffcult because I am no longer in college (graduated) and dont have anyone else who can write letters for me (I had professors do it this cycle)


Applied to three schools...accepted to one (Touro), but declined offer of admission, hoping to see results from the other two (Touro wanted an $800 deposit). The other two schools, Hofstra and CUNY Law both waitlisted me. Got the letter from Hofstra about a month ago and the one from CUNY today (have to send out form tomorrow). Sent LOCI and extra letter of reccomendation to Hofstra and havent acted on CUNY yet.

I assume that I have no chance at getting into either school now? Since I got waitlisted so late and the school probably has hundreds of waitlisted students for every spot, as well as the fact that students probably dont decline to go to either school enough to open up extra seats.

Am I right in my analysis? Any hope for me, or should I just look at another career path for the year?
The problem with applying next year is that I will need to get new letters of reccomendation...somehow and since I already had professors write them this year, I wont have anyone to do it next year as I wont be in college anymore. My numbers really hurt me...149 LSAT and 3.8 GPA.

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