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Incoming 1Ls / Brooklyn 2010 Anyone (PT in particular)?
« on: August 01, 2007, 12:01:59 AM »
I didn't see a Brooklyn class of 2010 thread anywhere (at least not on the first several most recent pages), so I figured I would start one.  In particular I was curious about touching base with anyone in the Part-time day program (I know some people had mentioned it previously on this board).

Where is everyone living??  I"m staying at my apt. in Manhattan (too lazy to move); Feil Hall looked beautiful, but being off the waitlist of course, no housing available there haha. 

Good luck to everyone (also bump this thread if you are part of the Facebook Brooklyn '10 class group).

Choosing the Right Law School / Brooklyn: Summer Associate after 1L?
« on: June 25, 2007, 12:56:59 PM »
A friend of a friend currently just completed his 1L at Brooklyn, he is a Summer Associate at a V.20 firm in NYC.  I don't know him very well, but I wanted to ask on here: how well must he be doing to achieve this kind of position?

Looking at the '07 roster of SAs at his firm, it's predominantly 2Ls from G-town, Harvard, Duke, Columbia, etc.; there are a couple other 1Ls, but I believe strictly NYU and Columbia.

Honestly, to secure this kind of position from Brooklyn after 1L,  This guy must have utterly dominated 1st semester correct?  Barring no connections (which is the case I believe; he has no family members nor family friends connected in law), the grades must have been top 5% class rank after 1st semester if not better correct?  Essentially A's across the board.  Thoughts?


There it is, to all of us going to the T2 NYC/NJ schools: Let's make SURE to graduate in the top third, at worst.

Question regarding SJU and job opportunity: what are the REALISTIC expectations regarding employment ("realistic" referring to the fact that clearly over 1/3rd of the grads are not working at 250+ firms making well over $145,000 starting based on the site's stats)

From my undersatnding, roughly top 20-25% have opportunity for making the $125/145/160k level firms starting.  outside of that, what are the expectations?  Does top third assure you some kind of decent employment (over $80-90k)?  And where does the distinction come in between getting "good" positions such as these and then those who are stuck in 3 person shops making $50k?  I'm guessing if you're outside the top half?  witht he botomm third or so of the class forced to do Document Review, or is this too harsh of an interpretaton?


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Choosing the Right Law School / Passing T14 for Lower-Tiered w/$$$$?
« on: April 12, 2007, 01:26:00 PM »
There are a 1001 threads on here of, "Crazy to pick University of Nowhere over Duke?" etc. haha.  And kidding aside, there are even less egregious ones like, "Should I pick Duke $$$ over Harvard?"

The answer to every one of these threads is: "YES, you are crazy to do so."

The purpose of a professional graduate school is to get a job after in that discipline, right?  I mean, as far as law is is pretty linear in that people go to law school to get the best job they can as a lawyer.

When people ask these questions, I don't think they realize the POWER of a top school.  I am not even exaggerating: the ease with which the studnets I know from Columbia, NYU, etc. have at getting jobs is almost disturbing (and very heartbreaking haha to a T2 guy like myself):  For the top, TOP firms in NYC (and thus, America) interview questions essentially consist of asking what kind of beer you like, what major sports you follow, etc. haha.  Basically, it isn't even an interview so much as it is simply a meet and greet  I mean, no joke...the thing is, these schools are so prestigious that by getting the interview, you pretty much have the job.

The anecdotal statistics on those interviewed at an NYU or Columbia vs. lower tiered schools and the ratio of interviews:offers is staggering.  I mean, pretty much at these school if you get the interview, you will most likely get an offer. 

Go to the best school that you can: you can pay off whatever $$$ very quickly with a high salary.  Honestly, I think the ease of getting a job and the benefits of a prestigious school, from a professional/career standpoint, are actually not exaggerated enough on here.

Hey all...I just wanted to post this regarding Rutgers-Newark and Seton Hall; I know the info. on these schools is sparse on compared to that of the better top tier schools, so I figured to give some helpful info. specifically on the location of these schools (especially pointed towards those who live far and may be unable to visit but still interested in these schools). 

I have found a lot of the reviews/feedback on these schools is "ghetto, horrible," blah blah but it is COMPLETELY WRONG.

I went to visit both schools last week and ANYONE who calls this area Ghetto has probably never visited any major city (or at least spent any significant amount of time in or near one) or is simply scared of ANY black person haha.  I live in NYC and take NJ transit from Penn Station to Newark Penn Station.  The commute is great (the train ride is only 15-17 min. exactly from NYC-Newark).  Seton Hall is literally about 800 ft. away from Penn Station; you stumble out the doors of the train station and you are at Seton Hall.  The area around Seton Hall is simply just roadway (the main st. being Raymond Blvd.).  There isn't much in the immediate area of Seton Hall though in terms of restuaratns, etc.  You continue on about 12 min. or so and you are at Rutgers-N.  The area immediately by Rutgers-Newark is fine; I can understand if you have not been in an urban area ever calling it "ghetto," but really, this is completely incorrect.  The area around Rutgers-Newark is just simply quiet and run-down; there are some older, closed pizzerias, some crappy apts., some parking lots.  BUT there is simply no one's just empty, that's all. 

Half-way between Seton Hall and Rutgers-N is the main intersection (Raymond and Broad, I believe).  Here, you will find your Starbucks, Duane Reade drugs stores, etc.  This area is the "heart" of the Newark area, with many office buildings, stores, etc.  Again, in the daytime it is extremely crowded and just like any commercial/corporate center of any major US city.  At night, it simply empties out.  Of course, there are a random bum here or there scraggling around, but NOTHING else.

In the stretch of Penn Station-->Seton Hall-->Rutgers, there is NOTHING to worry about.  Honestly, the only reason I can infer as to why someone would call the area "horrible" and such is because he or she is just, generally, uncomfortable in the presence of young minorities...granted, I myself being a minority may influence my view, but downtown Newark has a lot of hispanic and black teenagers and 20 somethings out...haha and they're not dealing drugs, they're not mugging people, they're doing anything.  If you're uncomfortable with minority kids standing around in urban clothes, then avoid Newark haha, but really, I wnated to dispel this notion of this area being the "ghetto."

Only when you continue further into Newark will you have to worry.  I think most people just equate "Newark=ghetto" as applyign to the whole city.  Yes, if you go another 20+ min. PAST Rutgers, you WILL get messed up...I mean, bullet proof glass on the Mcdonalds, people shooting heroin in the middle of the st., of course.  But there is no way in hell you will ever go to these areas being (unless you need a crack fix).  I mean, you will spend all of your time at the law school and the immediate downtown area, and most people either commute from NYC, Hoboken, or Jersey City if not doing on-campus housing.

Good luck to all and hope this is a little more informative for those far away curious about what the surrounding area of theses schools are like.

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J: "Yeah...yeah, I've heard of it..."
Jewish Senior Partner: "Ramadan...ha you probably know all about that right J [told in a totally non-racist, non-abrasive-I'm trying to relate and be light and humorous kind of way]"
J: "No, actually I'm hindu."
Jewish Senior Partner: "Right."
J: "Yeah...they're different religions, actually."
Jewish Senior Partner: ".........right.  Um, Right."

---awkward silence--------

Law School Admissions / Rutgers-Newark cut-off for NJ Firms?
« on: March 07, 2007, 09:41:19 PM »
We all know that the Seton Hall and Rutgers require >10-15% of the class to have chance for NYC big firm jobs, but what about the mid-big NJ firms (~$75-$100,000+ starting).

Are we talking top third from Rutgers-Newark?  Deeper?  I know that all the top NJ firms recruit there and Seton Hall, but nevertheless I'm guessing that the cut-off is still fairly shallow as in top quarter-thirdish??


Choosing the Right Law School / Cut-off Rutgers-Newark for NJ Firms?
« on: March 07, 2007, 09:40:41 PM »
We all know that the Seton Hall and Rutgers require >10-15% of the class to have chance for NYC big firm jobs, but what about the mid-big NJ firms (~$75-$100,000+ starting).

Are we talking top third from Rutgers-Newark?  Deeper?  I know that all the top NJ firms recruit there and Seton Hall, but nevertheless I'm guessing that the cut-off is still fairly shallow as in top quarter-thirdish??


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