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I am writing this on behalf of my husband (who is the one trying to get into law school). Since I will be the breadwinner while he's in school (which is a TERRIFYING thought) I am fearful of his actual chances of getting into law school. Both of us were sitting at lunch yesterday and he said, "Do you think I could get rejected from every school I apply to?" I had no idea how to answer because I don't know anything about law school! He is looking at SMU, U of H, U of Texas (we're in Texas if you couldn't tell), U of Wisconson-Madison, U of Iowa, U of Minnesota, College of William and Mary, and whatever else looks attainable. His prelaw advisor that was assigned to him is from our undergrad on the other side of the state and has yet to reply after 3 phone calls and 5 emails. This is something he has always wanted to do and finally decided to act on it and I don't know how he'd handle it if every school said, "No."  Our experience in theatre "MFA land" is that nothing is certain----at all, because the field is so subjective. Deadlines are always soft, and answers are always shaky. 
I am a solid supporter of his decision, so I don't want him to know that I am worried about this. I've researched a lot and have been lurking on here since June when he took his LSAT and have scoured Law School Numbers extensively and see that his stats are promising, but never certain.  So, overall, I guess this is a slight rant and also an outsider's question for those familiar with the process, can he actually get into one of those aforementioned schools? Thank you for any feedback you could provide. It is greatly appreciated.  :)

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