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Hello, I am currently a high school senior at an international school in Japan and for now I've set my course towards getting into law school in the United States. I'm planning to attend a community college for two years starting from Fall '10 and I am planning to transfer into a UC school, preferably Los Angeles, then going to the law school there. I'm planning to major in Political Science as that seems to be a popular major for prospective law students to take.

I'll be moving back to Los Angeles, California this summer and I would really appreciate it if I can get any advice on what I should start doing. I am an American citizen but I've been out of touch with the states for a while and I want to get an idea of what I should be doing now to help me get into law school. Should I start volunteering? Are there any programs that would assist me? Any organizations I should be joining?

Right now I'm focused on working hard at community college so that I can transfer into a good 4 year college, but there definitely has to be more to that to get into a good law school so I wish to know what.

I'm also interested in joining the JAG Corps in the Marines after law school, so I was wondering if there were any available programs that could help me in that field as well.

Thank you.

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