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I am happy to say that I will be a 1L at Widener Law (Harrisburg Campus) this fall.  With that being said, looking to make arrangements regarding my schedule, what materials I might need etc.

First, can somebody tell me what a 1L's schedule would look like?  I believe its pretty static but if there is some variability very interested in knowing what that might be.

Secondly, can anybody tell me about the casebooks and textbooks I will need for each class?  Would like to just review it a little bit before school begins and also know what the prices may look like for each.  Conversely, is the schedule and professors so variable that the textbooks and casebooks change from semester to semester?

Third, if I do have enough flexibility to chose which professors I would like to have for class, anyone to avoid or anyone to not miss?

Fourth, what specific electives might a current student suggest?

And finally, how are the internship opportunities the summer after your 1L and how good is the school at helping you land it?  Any fields better than others?  Paid internship possibilities?  Where do you typically find your internships, Harrisburg?  Any other general advice?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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