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Canadian Law Students / how US school choices translate in Toronto
« on: March 08, 2010, 09:47:48 PM »
I am a US citizen with an MBA and am looking at focus on corporate/business law.  I wasn't accepted to Osgoode (which was a long shot to say least for me).  It is a very long story of why I didn't apply to other Ontario I won't go into it. lol

I am considering practice options in the Toronto area after I finish law school.  I have no grasp to how my US degree will be viewed when looking for jobs.  On all the various law school admissions boards, there is endless discussion about "T-14 or Bust" and virtually all of our law schools are regional in their domestic market value.  I'm still waiting for a lot of my decisions letters now, but am looking at a range of T2 schools, maybe low T1.

Can any Canadians give me some perspective on how school name/US rank will be viewed if I do try to go north of the boarder after graduation?

How are you all (Canadian nationals) viewing your choice of US schools if your end goal is to return to Canada, Ontario specifically, after school? 

Your advice, observations, and general comments would be greatly appreciated.

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