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Since the original (,57834.0.html ) got locked by Douchey McDoucherson...I'll keep it going with this gem.


I am so upset...

According to LSN, NO ONE with my stats or better was rejected  GW PT (people with my stats were at least waitlisted). I was waitlisted at BC and BU. Outright rejected from Loyola (Los Angeles) PT and Minnesota.

What the hell am I going to do? Should I even bother to reapply next year? Find a new career? Purposely not graduate so I can improve my grades? I was going to graduate early but now I am definitely reconsidering that (I am only 19).

I have a pretty good feeling as to why I was rejected, too, because my lsat is not THAT bad and I attend a decent school -- I listed some extremely controversial extracurricular activities on my application (sad thing is, I am not even a conservative or religious freak or anything like that... but my one "cause" may have made me seem like one). Then I was stupid enough to write about it in my essays :-(

I guess my life is screwed :-( Stupid me... I can't believe I wrote my essays on such a horrible topic.

Studying for the LSAT / .
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Studying for the LSAT / .
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Studying for the LSAT / Last Question, First Game
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Do you remember the question and answer?


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