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So I am in Stanford purgatory, waiting to hear if they will bend the rules and let me in. Meanwhile, I've been contemplating: is there any real chance I will actually go to Stanford given that I have been accepted to Harvard? Somebody tell me why STanford is great, or why Stanford is not great.

Keep in mind: I currently live in LA, will return to California after law school, and I have always lived in one part of CA or another... this translates to a complete and total hate for all things snowy and cold.

This is something I have wondered for awhile. DOes anybody know anyone who aplied to BYU whjo is not a member of the MOrmon Church?

Does somebody out there know of a student who attended who isn't mormon?

this is a list of schools and their acceptance/ student approval rates.

I did it for me and my friend, we are LA kids so it is very CA intensive. I can't figure out this f*ing html, so it looks liek crap. If somebody knows how to make a table in this, please help me.

USC has to accept a lot of people: it's really weird.


School   Apps   Admitted   Attended   Selectivity   Student Choice
Yale   3900   250   190   6.4%   76.0%
Stanford   5000   390   170   7.8%   43.6%
Harvard   7400   830   560   11.2%   67.5%
Boalt   7700   770   270   10.0%   35.1%
UCLA   7200   990   310   13.8%   31.3%
USC   7700   1400   200   18.2%   14.3%
Hastings   7200   1400   430   19.4%   30.7%
Loyola (CA)   5200   1050   420   20.2%   40.0%
McGeorge   3500   1050   360   30.0%   34.3%
USF   4600   1120   260   24.3%   23.2%
Thomas Cooley   5200   2920   1430   56.2%   49.0%
USD   6000   1370   350   22.8%   25.5%

So by the end of the next 6 months I will probably have several mental breakdowns.

I am getting married (note to forum, I am the Bride) AND applying to law school at the same time. (I also have a relatively demanding full time career)

I sent in my applications before Thanksgiving, so all I would have to do Law School wise is wait, but that is amazingly stressful. More so than I could have anticipated

My fiancť wants to move to the Bay Area, and Iím fully convinced I am not going to get into either Stanford or Boalt, so Iíll probably end up going to Hastings, if I even get in there. UCLA sent me an acceptance letter before Christmas. Great you say. I thought so too. But now, for the entire month of January I am faced with the question: am I going to fight with my fiancť over where we live? Am I going to risk going to Hastings? (some of the firms I am interested in don't recruit there, but they do recruit at UCLA)

To make it all worse, I have "unorthodox" numbers: Really High LSAT, okay GPA (the splitter forum says I don't actually count as a splitter.. but I feel like one) I keep pouring over old Law School Numbers Pages, trying to find someone with similar levels of work experience and numbers, just to compare. And there just are so few, it's really hard to tell where I stand. I think I would get into Columbia or NYU or Northwestern or ChicagoÖ at least one of them ... but I just canít handle adding more choices to my life. I'm already trying to balance my school with my wedding and with my fiance's career and adding even more cities to the equation will kill me.

What drives me crazy about this whole situation is that I feel like there is no one else out there anything like me. I canít compare myself to anyone, and I canít console myself with anyone either.

Is there another bride out there who's mother is more concerned with wedding invitations than her Harvard application?

Law School Admissions / What does T14 stand for?
« on: December 19, 2005, 05:16:36 PM »
Is it Top 14? Why just the top 14? What an arbitrary number:14. Why not top 20?

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