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Incoming 1Ls / UOP McGeorge class of 2013
« on: April 01, 2010, 01:13:14 PM »
I am going to UOP Mcgeorge in the fall, anyone else?  Current students what are your thoughts?  Anyone have any negative thoughts about it, I have not read one bad thing.  Most students on the boards seem to enjoy going there.  Anyways, would like to get in touch with others who are going to UOP to get together sometime in the summer maybe? 

Much Appreciated

Current Law Students / A little encouragement for future T2/T3 students.
« on: February 10, 2010, 03:57:33 PM »
So, I am new to this board.  I have read many of the posts, but this is the first post of my own.  I have been reading many of the posts on this board and congratulations, you have successfully scared many away (not me) from the legal profession.  I am obviously referring to the doom and gloom posters with the topics and links telling potential law students not to go to law school for various reasons.  No jobs, only doing DR work, law school will kill you and your relationships...make you miserable etc. 

Let me just say this, for those of us who are still here and want to go to law school, there is no validity to the argument that you can't make it in this world as a lawyer.  I feel that recent grads and those going through tough times right now are victims economic cycles.  If being a lawyer is your passion, don't take what these guys spewing their own agendas as fact, take it as merely a precaution you should take before you plunge into this profession.  Every business is suffering right now, not just the law and you all need to understand that your dream should not be put on hold because of others' bad experiences.  With enough hard work and dedication, I believe anyone can become what they dream of becoming.

I may be a cockeyed optimist like Billy Mumphry (seinfeld reference), however I did not come from a privileged background so optimism and hard work have always been what has kept me going through the tough times.  I got my medical assisting certificate when I was 17 years old in high school because I knew I could not pay for my schooling.  I worked 32 hours per week at an HMO while going to undergrad full time.  Through this I was able to pay for my schooling, and my hard work taught me to be appreciative of everything I do have.  Most of my friends in college never had to worry about money, and generally did not seem to worry about their futures.  My experience has made me a stronger person.  I feel like no one should tell anyone that just because you are going to a t3 or t2 law school you should quit right now.  Understanding that in life, those who are less privileged to begin with just need to work harder.  Those who have a bad metabolism have to work out harder, those with less money have to work harder than trust fund babies.  Those of you who will be going to a T2 such as myself need to understand the risks, but never give up on your dream if that really is your dream.  We can be just as successful as those who graduated from HYS, we just probably have to work a lot harder.  If you really want it, you will not be aversed to doing so.

So to all my fellow T2/3 future students I send my support, we should be there for each other through this process and give support, because as we all know this is going to be a rough ride.  In the end I have faith it will be worth it.

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