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U of Toledo / thinking of Toledo 2010 any help?
« on: February 13, 2010, 09:03:16 AM »
i havnt seen a post here in a while so i am asking for an update
I am deciding between Toledo and Michigan State, i got instate tuition at toledo, everyone tells me Toledo over state, i also visited the school but that couldnt answer all my questions.

1) Toledo kinda looked like a lame city but the campus looked nice, how is the student housing, where to the law students live now?

2) What is there to do in toledo (when you are not studying)?

3) Hows the social scene with the students? is it friendly or are all the students just doing their own thing?

4) are they still doing that transitional program i have heard people complain about?

5) is there anything you know that you would tell a prospective student or an incoming 1L????? because reading the webpage can only tell me so much...

Also i was thinking of coming down for another visit some weekend and it would be cool to grab a drink with some toledo students (1st ones on me) let me know if you are interested.. thanks

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