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Hello All ~

I am new to this discussion group.  I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my situation.  I am a non-traditional student, age 37 with an LSAT score of 144 (1st time) and 150 (2nd time).  LSAC gave me a GPA of 3.07 and I will need to write addendums to highlight that my "party" community college days are not representative of my abilities.  Finally went to a four year and graduated with a 3.72 (University of Dayton).  Professionally, my resume is very strong with mostly non-profit experience at the Director or Executive Director level and am currently a VP in a for profit company (technology).

I am interested in Human Rights or Public Interest Law.

I am looking at some of the following schools:
Santa Clara
Southwestern Law School
University of Hawaii
Golden Gate University

Would love to hear back as to what folks think my chances are, whether schools seriously consider the addendums and personal statements or will they look at the LSAT/GPA numbers and never get to the addendums, etc.

Thanks so much for your time and perspectives.

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