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So I'm doing a bit of research online and now looking for opinions about my situation! 

I will be completing my PhD in organic chemistry next year from a large reputable university. I decided last year, after completing a graduate internship at my university's patent foundation, that I wanted to change my career path and pursue patent law instead of working in pharmaceuticals when I graduate.  Now a days, most chemistry PhD's have to complete an additional 2-3 years of post-doctoral research before they apply for a position in academia or in industry, so I'm not really losing any time going the path of law school instead.  With that, I am planning to apply to law school for the fall of 2011. I have read some opinions recently that patent law has become an increasingly crowded field (but what hasn't at this point?), so I wanted opinions on job opportunities for PhD/JD candidates. Last year I had an in depth convo with a patent attorney who also has her PhD (in organic chemistry) in Philly and she said she gets a couple phone calls every day for firms looking for PhD/JD patent attorneys. So now I'm just confused about the situation!  Thoughts?

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