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Transferring / Also transferring from Hofstra
« on: September 15, 2009, 01:37:17 PM »

I noticed that a few posts down another person is considering transferring from Hofstra Law, but my question is a little different.

The school I really wanted to attend was William & Mary.  However, I did not get accepted and I know it had to have been due to my LSAT score (it was not as high as I would have liked).  So I chose Hofstra.  Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with the school itself - I'm enjoying my classes and like my classmates, etc, but I am still strongly considering trying to transfer into William & Mary.

Here are my concerns/reasons:
-William and Mary is a better ranked school and is my "dream school"
-I am not from NY and may not actually practice in NY, so I don't want to be limited by the fact that I go to Hofstra which seems to be a more regionally-known school
-W&M's mission/purpose is more "up-my-alley" because I am not going for a "big-law" corporate job.  W&M trains "citizen lawyers" which seems to fit my goals better
-As I am not planning to go the corporate route, I am concerned about the debt I am incurring at Hofstra.  Even giving up scholarship, W&M is cheaper and much better for me economically

I understand all of the difficulties with transferring and I realize that I am a long-way off from the opportunity, but I just want to start getting an idea now as to whether or not this is something to consider.  My plan is to focus on my studies and try to do extremely well this first semester/first year - that way if I decide to transfer then I am in a good position to do so (not that doing well at Hofstra guarantees acceptance at W&M, I understand it doesn't) and if I decide not to transfer then I'm in a good position to finish out my degree at Hofstra. 

Also, if I decide that I want to try to transfer, would it be a good idea to contact W&M about it?  I've already read their requirements and the FAQs about transferring, but I am wondering if I should go ahead and get my name out there (possibly go visit and speak to someone about the process...???) or if I should just send in the paperwork and hope for the best?  I just don't know if it would be beneficial for me to make my intentions known to W&M and, if it is, when should I do that?

P.S. Anyone else considering transferring, I suggest you look at this:  it is an outline of sorts for the transfer process (what you should be doing each month - *note that this person tells you to focus mainly on your studies at your current school and not on transferring). 

Any information is greatly appreciated!!!

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