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  Hey everyone.  I know this question has been asked numerous times before but I would like to know a good choice of undergrad major.  A major that not only will help me get in to law school but also in case I don't get accepted, while helping me stand out from the crowd or typical applicant. Any suggestions?  I'm thinking some combination involving Anthropology/ Political Science, Art History/ Philosophy,  or any combination thereof. Will any of those offer opportunities outside of law school?  That is what I want to ensure before I decide on a major.  I don't want to choose one that if I don't get into law school will not be of use in the "real world" especially in a time where everything is so geared to specialization and the niche mindset.

  Hello, I'm new here.  I have a question for everyone. What is your opinion on someone becoming a paralegal to help fund school.  I have been out of work for months and I want to pursue a B.A. in Political Science and apply to law school.  Given that I have been unemployed for so long, I would like to find a decent paying job while I pursue my degree.  I was considering getting a Paralegal Certificate and hopefully find a paralegal position, then return to school to get my B.A.  What are your opinions/advice?  Thanks.

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