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Law School Admissions / Safety schools
« on: November 28, 2009, 04:13:31 PM »
Hi all,

I've sent off my applications to my primary targets, along with a few safety schools in the mix. However, now that they're in and I've had time to start stressing about acceptances, I've started to think that maybe I should broaden my list. To cut to the chase, my stats are 174/3.8. I've applied to most of the top ten (still holding back on yale since I'm not sure it's worth it), but I'm now thinking that I should add in schools like Austin and Northwestern.

Location is a big draw for me - I'm trying to think of cities where I could see myself living happily for 3 years (but still with national reach for post-grad jobs). Money is also a factor, since I won't be aiming for big law jobs upon graduation (more in the PI arena).

Thoughts? Any suggestions for where I should be aiming? Thanks a bunch - and apologies if I'm coming off like a stressed-out whiner!

Hi all!

I've been having a hard time lining up letters of recommendations -  I did get good grades, but I just didn't make very close connections while in school (huge school). To top it off, I graduated three years ago, which doesn't help.

One of the professors whom I requested a letter from said she would be happy to do so, but raised the issue that she is currently transitioning to another field. She's been on leave the past two years, and now will be starting a new career as a non professor. She wanted to let me know in case schools look down on recommendations from professors without a current academic affiliation.

So - what should I do? Should I still ask her to write it, since I feel that she knows me better than the next person I'd ask to replace her? Or will schools look poorly upon letters from former professors? I will be applying to t-14.

Thanks for any advice.

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