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Hello all, I just signed up for this board and I could use some advice.

I am 39, single/no kids, and considering law school.  I got a 161 on the LSAT earlier this year.  I graduated from Rutgers in 1992 with a 3.5 GPA.  I have been working in financial journalism and research for the past 13 years.

I am not necessarily interested in going to the best possible school because if and when I graduate in my early 40s, I won't be looking for the highest-paying job and a partner track at a top firm.  My interest is in some type of government or public interest law.

I am willing and able to go a few years without making money and then take a job that would pay $60-$75K or the like, which not much for a lawyer in the NYC area.  But while I am far from rich, I do have some assets and I would not be considered needy in the eyes of LS financial aid administrators.  I do not want to deplete these assets to pay for law school, only to graduate and then not make much money. 

In other words, I am willing to forgo income for a few years and then get a modest-paying job, but I am not willing to forgo income AND deplete my assets and then get a modest-paying job. 

So my question is, what are my options?  Are my credentials enough to get me a big package from a decent (say, top 50) school?  If not, would I be able to go to a decent school on a free ride (or close to it), through some type of public interest track?   

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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