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Current Law Students / Engineers who went to law school...
« on: June 22, 2006, 07:28:43 AM »
Are you glad you did it (or are doing it)? Do you have any regrets? What made you jump ship from your EE/ChemE/ME degree - IP law? Did you go into law school wanting to do IP law but ended up doing something else?

I'm a recent EE graduate and got into a top program, but am having serious second thoughts about becoming a lawyer. Lawyers seem so dismal about their careers and choice to go to law school and I am worried if I am making a big mistake. I got interested in it because I was told of the wonderful job prospects for EEs in patent law and because the law school I got into looked like such a fun place to be and study. But I have a good life and promising career as an engineer - make 60k/year now with no debt load and have the grades to go into any sort of graduate program I want. I would be giving up a lot, and I want to make sure that I will be happy. A lot of people on this board and lawyers that I've talked to seem far unhappier than even the most unhappy engineers I know.

Basically, I know I would like to study law because it would make me more intelligent and well-rounded academically, but I really don't know if I want to be a lawyer forever (plus I really don't want to work in a big city, which is where all the IP jobs seem to be that pay enough to cover loans). Maybe I should defer for a year and think about it or reapply. Or, if you engineers are really loving what you're doing now - I'd love to hear about it.

Law School Admissions / Any point retaking the LSAT as a deferral applicant?
« on: September 05, 2006, 03:33:37 PM »
I got into a top10 last year with a low LSAT score for the school (hence no scholarship money). I deferred my admission because I wanted to work for another year. Would it be worth re-taking the LSAT in hopes of putting me into scholarship contention (I would probably only need 2 more points to be there)? Or do schools not even re-consider deferred applicants for scholarships based on new data? I have no intentions of applying any other schools (even if I got a 180, I wouldn't apply anywhere else - the school I got into is the one I want to go to, but it would be nice to have a scholarship like the other half of the class there). But, if I were to take the LSAT again, would that look bad to the school (i.e., look as if I was trying to get into better schools)?

Worth it or not? Would it be in bad form to call the law school and ask them directly?


Incoming 1Ls / Anybody else decide to bail and not go?
« on: June 26, 2006, 05:42:13 PM »

Financial Aid / How long do I have to accept financial aid?
« on: May 07, 2006, 08:57:27 PM »
If I have to get private loans, how early should I do this. I'm strongly debating whether I should defer for a year, and was wondering if I make the decision a few weeks before class starts to go for it if it would still be possible to secure funding.

If I go into a big firm as a patent/IP lawyer, what kind of work will I be doing? Will I be forced to represent groups like the RIAA and MPAA? I believe largely in electronic freedom, and I don't know if I could ever support one of these groups. Patent/IP is really the only area I'm interested in law, but it seems there are so many terrible patent/copyright lawsuits out there that I don't want to be a part of unless I can defend the little guy. But I know I will be forced into biglaw if I get a job to pay back my loans, which is making me reconsider a career in law. Help please - who can tell me what life's like for these types of lawyers?

Law School Admissions / Vandy scholarships
« on: April 18, 2006, 05:07:50 PM »
Does anybody know what LSAT/GPA typically takes the 4 full tuition scholarships at Vandy? What happens when someone withdraws and declines the scholarship - is it given to somebody who has already accepted or is it just not given that year?

Choosing the Right Law School / ...
« on: April 12, 2006, 03:51:11 PM »

Choosing the Right Law School / ....
« on: April 06, 2006, 01:51:53 PM »

Law School Admissions / Reckless driving charge
« on: March 12, 2006, 09:52:52 PM »
I just got an 83/65mph reckless driving charge tonight. I plan to get an attorney and fight it. Do I need to report such charge to the law schools that I've been accepted to? Will it make any difference if I do/don't?

I sent it a while ago with 'guess' information, which is pretty accurate. Do I need to resend it before I will get my offers? I was under the assumption that I will get the offer with the FAFSA I sent, but it would be contigent on my actual tax returns (otherwise, why would they encourage you to submit early if a 'guessed' FAFSA is worthless?).

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