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Franklin Pierce Law Center / Where to Live? Student Life?
« on: June 08, 2009, 03:58:41 PM »
Hey is anyone else attending FPLC next fall or already attending? I was curious if there were any apt. complexes that you recommend looking at? Also, how is the atmosphere at FPLC? I was curious since there isn't much of a campus if students socialize or if most of the time is just spent studying?  Also, how do you find getting internships and connections outside of NH? OK? If so, are the opportunities for students in other areas outside of IP?  Thanks for reading....

Thanks for reading. So I'm very seriously considering attending Toledo Law, however I had a few concerns about job placement outside of the Midwest. The school has  a strong Midwest following, but I was curious how many resources were actually available for placement in cities such as Boston, DC, Atlanta, Miami, etc.  How strong is the alumni network outside of the Midwest?  It was difficult to find information and I'm not sure how the name carries outside of the region?

On a side note, are there good areas to live in Toledo? The cost of living seems cheap so it seems like a good area to live as a student.  I wasn't sure if it pays to be by campus or if there is an area that is more "cosmopolitan" or that isn't full of undergrads and maybe has some more local style food, bars, coffee shops? I'd even throw in the "artsy" adjective too, but again I have no idea how this would be in Toledo.  Thanks for the info.  If you're going to be a 1L too, let me know your thoughts or what you've found. Thanks.

FPLC is on the map for IP and a higher starting salary but Toledo is a bit higher in rankings. My concern with both is that they are too regional. I'd like to be able to teach at a later point and have a degree that will allow me to move around (LA or Miami).  I'm concerned that at FPLC I will have to focus in IP to make it worth it. Any thoughts or feedback? Both are about the same in cost so which is the better investment? Thanks.

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