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Does anyone know if there are law schools that offer more than one part-time option, e.g., students can take fewer credits per semester than is typical in a part-time program? I work full-time in a high-stress job, am the only breadwinner, and have a spouse and kid to feed; so reducing my workload isn't an option. Still, I don't want to be in class four nights a week and completely miss out on my kid's childhood. Would love to hear about experiences with flexible part-time JD programs. Thanks in advance.

I was admitted off the waitlist to my first-choice law school, where I was eligible for in-state tution. Nonetheless, the "cost of attendance" was nowhere near what I need to support my daughter. Even with my husband working part-time (and staying home with the baby during the week), we were looking at a $10K shortfall. This has made me really reconsider if law school will ever be possible, and if it is actually worth it to go $180K into debt when I know I want to work in the public sector.

So, my question is this: Has anyone applied to a school where they had a GPA and LSAT combo well over the average, and been offered a sizeable amount in scholarships and grants? I don't see any other way to finance law school and be free to accept a job in government or the non-profit sector when I graduate. Nonetheless, I always hear that schools don't really give out money for legal education, since they expect you to be rolling in cash once you're working as a lawyer.

Any advice/experiences are most welcome!

I was just admitted to my 2nd choice law school, and I have 24 hours to make a decision. School starts in two weeks, and attending would involve quitting my job and moving five hours away, with husband and baby in tow. It seems reckless to say yes, and cowardly to say no. I'm waiting to hear from Admissions to see if its even possible this late in the game to take out the massive loans I'll need, but assuming that's a go, I'm really torn. Any advice?

I've been reading through some older discussions here about juggling parenthood and law school, but I'm wondering if anyone has started law school in a similar situation as I will probably be in next year.

My husband and I are both 25, and our daughter is 9 months old. He is a stay-at-home dad and I work full time. I decided not to go to any of the [all private] schools that admitted me for this fall, mainly because the hugest loan I could take out would not leave us with enough money to survive on.

So, I'm going to reapply for next year and my husband is applying to Ph.D. and MFA programs. My question is: Has anyone managed to keep babies out of daycare while both parents are in school full-time? Is it possible to have opposite class schedules so that someone can always be with the child? Am I crazy to think that we can pull this off?

Any words from the wise would be much appreciated.

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