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The Prosser torts 10th edition came out in 2001, the 11th edition came out in July 2005.
The emanuel outlines are still keyed to the 10th edition.

Anyone know the differences?

As the technology improves and it becomes possible to do realtime video conferencing from home...
either the ABA will approve a program, or the federal government will step in OR states will start approving

I think the ABA will EVENTUALLY set standards of allowing students to take MOST of their courses online
but requiring online law students to take courses in trial practice and internship in person. I think
the ABA is very set in their ways...BUT they dont want to be outflanked or perhaps even have a rival
accreditation bureau be established or have an old one move into accrediting law schools
(such as the regional bureaus that alreeady accredit other colleges and schools such as SACS)

IMHO online law schools do not belong in the same category as "correspondence schools" since there
is live interaction albeit online. Also as for-profit law schools are being allowed now...various
states will realize...theres money to be made in online law schools.

Online Law Schools / "National accreditation"
« on: November 17, 2005, 08:23:26 AM »
In law schools there are only three acreditations that matter for purposes of the bar exam.

State Accreditation

DETC while notable has no practical effect on taking the bar exam ANYWHERE in the country.
The main benefit of DETC is that it makes you eligible for SOME forms of financial aid
and that it might look a little bit better when applying for a job outside of CA.
The main advantage of Concord is that it is probably the best known distance law school
and that your fellow students will be a bit higher level than most other correspondence
law students. Concord also seems to care about building its reputation.

In california , a school may be unaccredited but having a fairly decent par passing rate
(Northwestern California 35-45%) and been around for 25 years or so.


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