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let's hear it

1.   Who was your favorite president of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries?
2.   Which previous century would you pick in which to live?
3.   What type of pen do you prefer?
4.   What color of belt do you wear w/ khaki pants and a blue shirt?
5.   What do you think about SUVs?
6.   What is your favorite main-stream, US sport?
7.   Liquor is best served with ______?
8.   What book do you use in making decisions?
9.   What do you think about George Soros?
10.   Are accents indicative of a person’s intelligence?
11.   What would you buy if you had $10K to spend on material things for yourself?
12.   What do the words “Get Us Out” mean to you?
13.   If you won a $100,000,000 lottery tomorrow, would you still go to LS?
14.   Do you prefer a local or national bank?
15.   Do you believe in bucking the system?
16.   GDI = _____________?
17.   Who was the one that got away?
18.   What should you be doing right now instead of this?
19.   Who was the worst Bond?
20.   Who was the best Bond girl?
21.   Which coast do you prefer?
22.   Do you live where kudzu grows?
23.   Do you know what Cheerwine is?
24.   Who was “the noblest American to ever live”?
25.   How many of my previous names can you list?

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