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Current Law Students / What's a good 2L schedule?
« on: April 06, 2009, 05:55:25 PM »
Other than advanced con law, my school doesn't require any specific classes after 1L.  There are so many courses to choose from that it is rather overwhelming trying to make a schedule for next year.

Thus far, I'm sure that I want to take at least:

Administrative Law
Business Organizations
Commercial Law

And then I'm also sort of interested in:

Crim Procedure
Energy Law
Health Law
Employment Law
Trusts & Estates
Immigration Law

Also, there are one or two clinics that look interesting.  Obviously, I can't take all of these classes/clinics my 2L but how do I prioritize?  I'm going to be doing an externship this summer.  Is it worth doing another clinic during the school year?  They seem like they would be really good for networking but might look sort of skimpy on a transcript.  I'm sort of interested in a clerkship after I graduate so I thought I probably couldn't go wrong gearing my schedule toward what a judge would want me to take.  What would they want me to take? 

Job Search / Need Advice
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:18:36 PM »
I have an unpaid externship lined up with a big law firm this summer that is 20 hours/week.  In fact, since I get 4 credits for it, it's basically like I have to pay to work there (though I guess I can take 1 less class my 3L year or something).  I figure working at a V50 firm might lead to some good networking and lead to a clerkship my 2L summer. 

I was planning on doing a random part-time job (even non-legal) this summer in addition to get some $$.  However, now the DOJ wants to interview me for a 20 hour/week gig over the summer.  If I did this, I would basically be making no money. 

My question is this: Would having DOJ on my resume in addition to the externship help me at all?  I've heard that firms don't really care so long as you did _something_ so are unlikely to be impressed just because you did multiple things.  Would it be wise to take DOJ over the externship given that I wouldn't have to pay for summer credits?   

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