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Law School Admissions / When do I send in my transcript LSAC?
« on: September 14, 2010, 01:58:17 PM »
I'm going into my last year of undergrad and I'm applying this fall; obviously the last year's grades won't be complete, so when do I send in my transcript?

Also, do I have to send in another transcript after I graduate?

So I've asked two professors and my boss that I interned for last summer for recs.

One professor said he would write one for me, another professor said she had to write possibly 40-60 other recommendation letters so she might not have time (she's in charge of law forum and I wasn't in law forum). My boss from my internship offered to write one for me a couple months ago and I've contacted him about it.

So essentially, I have one for sure recommendation from a professor, one very likely from my boss, and one unlikely from another professor.

The current best case scenario is that I only get one academic recommendation. Should I randomly look for a professor I took previously (that I won't know at all) for a recommendation or am I OK with only one academic recommendation?

Does it matter if I get a letter of recommendation from a professor in a lower division class that isn't my major?

I heard upper division courses are better to get recs from? Is this true?

Studying for the LSAT / October LSAT = disadvantage?
« on: February 24, 2010, 11:03:41 PM »
I was planning on taking the LSAT in October, but is there a disadvantage to it? Will it disallow me to apply early in the admissions cycle?

Also, it looks like the October LSAT will not allow me to apply as an early decision to UCLA law because apparently the latest LSAT they accept is the September one (even though the October LSAT score will probably be released before their November 15 ED deadline).

So I had an internship over this past summer, and I'm probably going to use my boss for one recommendation with the other two coming from professors. The problem is, I'm currently a junior, and I won't be applying for at least another year (aiming for Fall '11). I'm afraid if I wait any longer to ask for a LOR, too much time will have passed between the time I've worked with him this past summer and the time I'll actually start applying. So what should I do? Also, where do I send a LOR?


Finished with two full years of undergrad at UCI with an LSAC GPA of 3.73 (undergrad GPA of 3.63). Upward trend (3.45 freshman year, 3.9 sophomore year) and hopefully nearing 3.8 by the end of my junior year.

I currently have pretty much no soft factors/EC's. Interviewed for a few internships at law firms and probably interning in DC for a quarter in the coming year, so I'll have admittedly weak but at least relevant softs.

What LSAT score would get me in a comfortable range for UCLA law? My counselor said 175? I'm feeling pressure to do well on the LSAT, so a target range would help.

Responses much appreciated.

I'm a second year now, going to be a junior next year.

Does it matter what professor you get a letter of rec from (like the type of class they teach and lower or upper div?) and what year should I start looking at (now, 3rd or 4th?)

Law School Admissions / Undergrad Sophmore looking for advice on EC's
« on: April 03, 2009, 12:19:09 PM »
Hi, I'm a second year Poli Sci major at UC Irvine. My undergrad gpa is 3.62 and my LSAC gpa right now is 3.74.

I know GPA/LSAT are the overwhelming factors in the admissions process but I don't know where to look for extracurricular/"soft" factors. I have little work experience besides work at a library I did in high school and I'm in no clubs or anything like that.

What would be some good EC's to take part in? Internship, UCDC (travel to DC for an internship during a quarter) or a part-time job somewhere during the summer? Do clubs matter? Any feedback on the matter is appreciated.

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