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California Western / Cal Western or Thomas JÖ
« on: March 27, 2009, 04:21:53 AM »
Ive been accepted to both for Fall 09. Still undecided as to where I should go, here is what I am considering:
Cal Western Pros
   (1) Highest bar passage rate in San Diego 85%
   (2) Very nice library
   (3) Down town location
   (4) Oldest law school in SD
   (5) Well respected in the community
   (6) At least some of the faculty are awesome (like Paul Gudel-Contracts)
   (7) Moot Court room amazing
Cal Western Cons
   (1) 13% donít make the grades and are kicked out after first year, higher rate of academic       attrition than USD(3%), Thomas J. (4%).
   (2) Parking hard to find
   (3) Not offering me a scholarship

Thomas Jefferson Pros
   (1) Student satisfaction higher than USD and Cal W
   (2) Relocation in 2010 to state-of-the-art 8 story building downtown
   (3) Scholarship
   (4) Friendly staff and faculty
   (5) Rising Bar passage rate to above California average
   (6) Innovative programs for Law school success and Bar passage
Thomas Jefferson Cons
   (1) Ranked the lowest in San Diego compared to Cal W and San Diego
   (2) Lowest Bar passage rate than the other two SD law schools

If anyone can add to any part of my list, id be grateful

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