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Choosing the Right Law School / Maryland or Catholic?
« on: June 08, 2009, 10:40:06 AM »
Live in DC and prefer to return to DC to practice or perhaps head back up the coast to the northeast.

Both P/T and tuition cheaper at MD; of course I'm extremely aware of cost. That said - after schollie and employer contribution, tuition at CUA only a few grand more.  Schollie, is small and top 25% to retain. 

On paper MD is the better school, but seems like CUA is better to have if I wan to stay in DC. I would be able to network where I live, whereas with MD in Baltimore, could be harder to forge the network in DC where there are far more CUA grads. 

Agree or disagree?  Opinions?

Does Brooklyn Law's rep carry weight outside of the NYC Metro area?  I know it probably would be lower ranked if it reported P/T numbers.  But I live outside of the area, and not sure I'd want to be there long term.  But don't know enough about it's reputation in other east coast cities like Boston or DC.


Choosing the Right Law School / Catholic (P/T) v. Temple (P/T)
« on: May 08, 2009, 08:15:56 AM »
Strong desire to remain in the DC area, but definitely considering New England long term...pretty much any place but NYC/NJ. 

Your thoughts?  Obviously, Temple is a much higher ranked school, but outside of that, any thoughts are appreciated.

Focus in law is undecided at this time for simplicity sake. 

Is Temple that much better its worth uprooting my life to move to Philly?  Again, I know the rankings say it is, but what about reputations...does Temple "exist" outside of the Philly area? There is no guarantee I'd be able to get a job transfer this year or next.  So if I burned CUA this year, then assumed I'd be going to Temple next year, but cannot get a job, then I've got tons more debt, no job and going to school at night. 

Live in DC and not 100% I'd be able to get a job transfer this year or next to go to SHU.  Prefer not to be living/working in NYC or NJ after school and am trying to decide between Catholic & SHU.  I know the rankings came out, but given my desire to probably be in Boston or remain in DC or another east coast city other than NYC, any thoughts?

no schollies...wide range of interest for post school employment.

Pushing a couple waitlists, so that could change things and haven't heard from a couple schools as I submitted some apps late. 

Anyone have insight on SHU's alumni base/geographic dispersion in cities other than NYC?

So, I cannot make up my mind between a couple of schools, waiting to hear re: a couple of waitlists, and b/c I submitted some apps late, haven't heard from some schools.

I know its bad form to make more than 1 deposit, but does anyone know if schools track who deposited where at other institutions? If so, do all schools do it?  What is the penalty other than losing a deposit...I assume not much.

Any other info is appreciated.

Anyone have general scoop/insight on Rutgers-Newark?  I know Newark is brutal, but general insight/info is appreciated regarding placement, success etc etc. 

Not BigLaw related so no need to push the fact that it's not T14 etc etc etc.

Thanks in advance.

Choosing the Right Law School / St John's - Anyone get a decision yet?
« on: February 18, 2009, 01:47:03 PM »
Been complete for several months now, anyone receive a decision from SJU yet? If or snail mail?


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