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If you're undecided or if your waiting for other schools, are there any problems with sending deposits to more than one school to hold your seats until you make your final decision.

Choosing the Right Law School / University of Utah SJ Quinney vs Depaul($)
« on: February 11, 2009, 11:23:30 PM »
I got an offer from Utah today and all I know about the school is the US News rankings(51) and the materials I received from the school. Besides Depaul(88), Utah is the highest ranked school that I have been accepted to. Based on my LSAT score I'm extremely lucky that these schools have extended offers to me. I'm interested in focusing on criminal law and both schools seem to have great criminal law programs. So far Utah has not offered me any scholarship money(their scholarships are not announced until March) but Depaul is giving me $20,000 with a 2.3 gpa requirement. I'm interested in getting the best legal eduacation possible and I'm really not too concerned about location. Basically, I want your opinion on whether the slightly higher ranked Univ of Utah(with possibly no money) is a better choice than Depaul. 

I posted this question in another thread but I think it belongs here. Basically, it is a choice between University of St Thomas in Minneapolis with full tuition or Depaul with $20,000 a year. In this economy I'm afraid of going too far into dept but Depaul seems to be the better school with the better connections. But St Thomas, from what I've read, seems very respectable. I think I should also state that I'm going to law school because I want to be a trial lawyer(defense/prosecuter) and eventually I'd like to be a judge so there is probably no big payday waiting for me immediatly after law school. Do you think the dept occured at Depaul is worth it? Also, I'm not too concernd about where I practice as long as it is a mid-size to big city so Minneapolis or Chicago would be fine by me. 

Wondering if anybody had some advice for me. I've been awarded a full tuition scholarship to the University of St Thomas MN and I've been awarded a $60,000 scholarship to DePaul College of Law. DePaul would be my first choice but their scholarship would be broken down to 20K every year not to mention the costs of living expenses ($38K est) so I would definately have to pull hard on whatever loan money I could scratch up. That means that I would be deep in dept by the time I graduated. The St. Thomas offer is better because of the full tuition thing and I do have 14 months of GI Bill money left over from my undergrad days. Basically, I want to know your opinion on whether I should go with the full tuition Tier 3 school or should I opt for the Tier 1 school and the dept. Also, does anybody think that I might have room to scholarship negotiate with DePaul?

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