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Transferring / Transfer from T50 school
« on: February 04, 2009, 07:54:06 PM »
I finished the semester with a couple A+ and the rest A's, and am prob in the top 2-3%.  I go to a school that ranks in the upper 50s.  I really like the school I go to, but wonder how much more beneficial it would be to go to a T14 (If I could get in.)   

If I stayed here (and my grades stayed the same), I would probably be one of the top students, would be on law review, would pretty much be going to school for free, and would be pretty likely to be in the running for jobs at top firms. 

Then again, I'm worried that I won't do as well the 2nd semester.  Is it worth it to put in an app to GULC?  Or to try to transfer to a T14 or UCLA at the end of the year?

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