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ok, i need book recommendations for the next few months. i'm not looking for prepping for law school type things, i'm looking for.. just good books to read. for history, politics, philosophy, or just good literature. or hell, just fun literature is fine too, although i can usually find that stuff on my own. i'm amazingly un-well-read because i split my life between two countries and kind of missed most of the essential literature of high school in America. i don't know anything much about American history or world history, or about politics and philosophy. i love reading, but i read mostly "fun" stuff (ask me about fantasy, sci fi, thrillers, mysteries..) but i really want to read meaningful stuff. stuff that's going to stay with me, or teach me something.

so recommend anything you think is worthwhile. something you think everyone should read, something that would make you think "oh this person is well-read". or even just something fun. i'll add everything to my list and try to make my way through everything. i guess my number one priority is history and behind that is probably philosophy, but say anything. i've read some Shakespeare and loved it, I loved my few philosophy courses, i'm curious and clueless about history.

so help me out! :D

Law School Admissions / Penn won't cash my check.
« on: March 03, 2006, 07:04:20 AM »
I've been complete at Penn for a week or more and my certificate with check was sent in a few weeks ago, but they haven't cashed it. Is this normal? It just seems strange to me that i would get a complete email without the check being cashed.


i just called my school's honors dept after emails have been ignored for approximately three weeks. the thing is, i turned in my applications a while back and everything's ready to go.. except for my transcript. there are a few important reasons that i really needed my transcript to be updated before i wanted to send it on to LSAC.. it was going to make a difference of a gpa being in the mid 3.8s and mid 3.7s, which is fairly significant for the schools i'm aiming at. the honors dept had promised to do all this, and i got all my material in by the deadline they specified - first week of january.

it's now two days before February, and my transcript is still untouched. In the meantime, my advisor reassured me that it will get done "soon" and that she was bugging the guy in charge. The guy in charge never answered any of my emails for the past three weeks, not even to confirm when i faxed in dean's rec letters after determining that i absolutely cannot wait for my transcript to be fixed. i was faxing them in from a foreign country, and asked for confirmation of receipt twice- nada.

even my advisor said last monday that she didn't know what was going on and apologized, said she turned over my transcript to someone else in the department. every day the minute our school website is open for school business, i log on to check my transcript. nope. i finally called today .. and i know i should have earlier, but i just kept with the reassurances from my advisor and checking in every morning holding my breath.. finally got the guy on the line, he's like sorry we've been busy, this isn't our top priority. me: can you at least tell me when it'll get done? apps are tecnically supposed to be turned in by February 1st. him: sorry i can't tell you when, but it'll get done some time.


i suppose i should/could turn in my transcript as is and try to update it later, but i really think that the updated transcript.. which should have been done a while ago, will make the difference for my gpa being below 25% percentile and being median at top schools. i'm really upset after this phone call.. good to be told you're not top priority after three weeks of delays, and a deadline looming in two days. why were they so strict about the deadline for getting in MY materials, which means just a grade emailed from my professor, if they're going to leave this stuff for weeks and not give a damn about it, which seems to be the case.

i was okay with submitting apps in January, but i'm not okay now that i have no clue when my transcript is going to be updated.. not even like a "within the week" estimate.. i feel like this IS going to affect my chances greatly what with rolling admissions.. and who knows, maybe i'll even just be automatically WLed what with the materials getting in so much later than the actual deadline. Ugh.

anyways, rant over. maybe i should go turn in some apps to some safety schools, since i feel like i'm going to really really need it now.

Law School Admissions / Any way to know if you've received fee waivers?
« on: January 13, 2006, 04:39:20 AM »
So I had a nice surprise as I was checking out my Columbia app.. apparently i had a fee waiver through CRS. Now, I never got any kind of email notification, and I live in a foreign country, so if it's winging it over here by snail mail, it could take a long time. I took the Dec LSAT and the only places I was informed of receiving a fee waiver were Northwestern and William & Mary. I have a high enough LSAT score and GPA that i'd hope any place sending out fee waivers for Dec wouldn't leave me out, but I have no idea which places do.

I'm applying to a very limited number of schools precisely because I can't afford a ton of app fees right now.. and am considering reapplying if it turns out I don't get in anywhere I want. However, there are places I would love to shoot apps at but don't want to spend 70-80 dollars at (Not to mean disrespect, but I have to borrow money from my parents to pay for these apps right now, so I'm trying to restrain myself). Is there any way to see a list of places you've been waived at via LSAC? I suppose if I make up the apps and then go to checkout I can see, but it'd be handy to see it in one big list.

Otherwise, anybody who took the Dec LSAT get any fee waiver notifications other than NU and W & M? (and C?) I'm sure there's a thread, i did a quick look at "waiver" in the search box but i'll look up this one again at least.. it must be around here somewhere.

Sorry for the somewhat silly question, I was just excited at the Columbia fee waiver and wondering if some schools like Mich or Penn and etc. might not also send out some for Dec.

Studying for the LSAT / Here is where we try to relax as we wait
« on: December 22, 2005, 11:29:26 AM »
I know there's a games thread, but i made this new one. Any suggestions about what we can do, another game, talk about something, anything to keep us from obsessively refreshing LSAC every 2 seconds. Any kind of diversion that will at least slow the rate down to 15seconds would be quite welcome. Ideas? :P

i know of PR's "Student Says" part and i've read a few at epinions. I swear over the summer-ish i found another site with a decent number of reviews, but i can't find it anymore. Anyone have sites to add? somewhere where the reviews are systemtically ordered by school would be great. if not, i guess boards like xoxo and this one are helpful. Just anywhere to go to for more information from students.

i was looking it up on the web but i thought maybe someone here could offer some advice. This will be a little TMI but i'm probably going to need painkillers on the test day because of cramps, which will have me in massive pain otherwise.. and i've taken Advil with no problems before, but not in high-stress situations. Do you think something like Advil would have an adverse effect on my concentration or general state? i don't think it causes drowsiness, but i'm just a little worried. i'm thinking of testing it out today but i don't like taking pills (not because i can't, i just hate becoming dependent on such things, tho i am very much in the above situation) especially when clearly not needed physically. Any advice or reassurance would be great. would Tylenol be better as well as being as effective at pain management?

Financial Aid / how about no credit?
« on: November 17, 2005, 11:37:49 PM »
my parents live outside of the States, i'm a U.S. citizen but i don't have much in the way of credit. I spent most of my school years except undergrad in a foreign country where credit is not nearly as important to day to day life as in the States, so I didn't know that establishing credit was so important. (my mother has never had a credit card in her life.) i didn't take out any loans in UG as i had a hefty scholarship as well as need-based aid. i paid the comcast bill last year. Really, other than that i don't think i've done anything that accumulates credit. i paid for everything out of my bank account with a debit card. i realize now that this is just stupid for living in the United States, but seeing as it's a little late to fix (not in the States at this time either, won't be until i start law school), what happens now? I need a cosigner (heaven knows how i'm going to find that. would they allow my father to cosign even if he lives outside of the States? Sorry if that's a stupid question.)? i can't get loans outside of government loans? My interest rates will suck the soul out of my body?

i hadn't even been thinking about this problem until i visited this board and noticed all the worried people with bad credit.

Choosing the Right Law School / nevermind
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:50:54 AM »

Studying for the LSAT / edited
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:35:35 AM »
edited for anti-outing purposes. Sigh.

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