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So I'm deciding between Harvard and Berkeley. I'm having a hard time saying no to Harvard, but I'm wondering about the quality of life there. I've heard some recent horror stories about current students at Harvard being miserable, doing nothing but studying, etc. Along with my pre-conceived notions about the school and the supposed "type-A" personalities filling the halls there, its a little scary. I was just wondering what life is really like from current or accepted students or anyone who knows.

Do the opportunities at Harvard drastically outweigh a more laid-back environment at Boalt? I would have to leave all of my friends, my significant other, my family for (not to mention beautiful weather) Boston! I get that its *Harvard* and Boalt is lower ranked (there seems a common assumption I would only choose "HYS" or Columbia/NYU with $$. Obviously a ton of East Coast bias going on. Want to weigh in?

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