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Hi, I was accepted into Pierce law - got the acceptance letter recently.
Background - bachelors and masters in biomedical engineering - interested in IP/Patent Law. Obviously interested in Pierce law because of the number 5 ranking of IP Law in the country. But the fact it's Tier 3 ranking, kinda puts me off!! So anyone have comments on that?? Whether they recommend attending Pierce Law or not.
I am still waiting to hear from schools in NJ and other places. I am a resident of NJ, so going up to NH would be quite a drive.
Here are some more questions if people can comment on:
1. Housing? Apts or dorms?
2. What is the rent?
3. Is the Campus close to an airport?
4. Is it an expensive area to live in?
5. It gets cold up there - what is the avg. monthly heating bill? AKA Monthly expenses excluding the rent.
6. How big is the campus - and how far are these dorms/apts from the campus?
7. Is it a safe place to live?

Any input is welcome.

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