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Law School Admissions / LSAC transcript questions
« on: January 15, 2009, 12:03:28 AM »
A few basic basic questions. Thank you in advance!!!

1. Does the transcript that schools see from the LSDAS show courses in their chronological order or just their own calculated GPA?

2. I already graduated from UG(june 07). If I take CC courses now to replace certain pre-req classes from my miserable first year of UG and I send those transcripts to LSAC, will it still show up on my LSDAS transcript or because it was taken post graduation they just ignore it completely?

I totally understand I am not "truly" replacing the grade since the grades i received were in the C range and that I am graduated already so technically my UG record is closed.

I guess the heart of the question is, is there any point to taking more classes post graduation just to have it seen on transcript or should I just include whatever I accomplish in my CC in the addendum?

For example in my first year I got a C- in elementary stats,  C in Calc B and a C in macroeconomics. Would there be any point in re-taking those classes now other then what I could discuss in the addendum?

3. How do classes/grades look from classes taken after grad? Are they just attached in a notes section?

Bonus question, just for kicks if anybody knows this answer as well.
I plan on going the joint degree MBA/JD route.

Does anybdoy know how B-schools interpret the above situation (re-taking courses of UG post-grad). Obviously B schools will be much more quant heavy so I'll need A's to show taht I can do it but aside from what I could say in an essay do B-schools take in the new grades as replacements or do they also just see it as a bonus note?

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