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Current Law Students / Laptops in Law School: Experience
« on: March 16, 2009, 02:07:07 PM »
I'll preface this post by stating the following: I am aware there have been numerous threads on this board and other boards about what laptop one should get for law school (including the Mac vs. PC debate).

I'd like to know, from current law students, some good advice, stories, etc. and law school laptop usage.  I'm currently (and have been for 6 years) a Mac user, with a white MacBook (2.5 years old).  I love Macs, and I'm going to a school that only requires Windows for the exam software (which we can run via Boot Camp).  However, while I do like Macs, I'm a bit skeptical of how my plastic MacBook will hold up physically (already had the infamous cracking case replaced with a new, supposedly stronger one).

If anyone here uses a Mac in law school, can you please tell me about it?  Such as how your MacBook holds up, any compatibility issues you've had, what you use for notetaking (OmniOutliner, etc.)... and also, I'd like to hear about the cheap PC laptop vs. ThinkPad debate (i.e. if a ThinkPad is truly necessary, or if a $700 Dell will cut it with the wear and tear brought on by carrying the computer everywhere).


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