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Pursuing an LLM / Having Law Degree from Foreign Degree but LLM from US.
« on: December 16, 2008, 06:27:23 PM »

  I am a US citizen who has completed all my education including my bachelor's and Masters (MBA) from US. I have a thought to do law degree (LLB) from Pakistan, and come back to US and do LLM over here and then take the state bar. In my view, by doing so I can get around with LSAT and also I can save thousands of dollars by doing JD, as LLM cost only $34,000 and it is for only one year (full time).  The LLB in Pakistan is under British common law and it is a 3 years program and taught in English.
  Please advice if it is a good idea or not, and what challenges or disadvantages I could have by having LLM from US but having foreign law degree instead of JD?
I would appreciate your advice.

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