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Hello all!

I just wanted to find out if anyone is attending or considering attending the University of Wisconsin fall 09?
If so have you heard anything regarding employment prospects?

Incoming 1Ls / Admitted Students Weekend
« on: April 01, 2009, 09:25:35 AM »

Is anyone going to The Universoty of Wisconsin admitted students weekend?
Also does anyone have any clue about housing for fall?

Thannks!  :)

Incoming 1Ls / Tulane vs William and Mary
« on: January 07, 2009, 12:36:14 PM »

Advice please.

I have been accepted to both Tulane and William and Mary. William and Mary is the higher ranked school and my gut tells me that my employment opps will be greater if I attend William and Mary. I know that many ppl think that Tulane grads have excellent employment rates after graduation, but based on research they are reporting stats from only those students who report back to them, that being only 24%. Who knows if the other 76% of the class gets great jobs or not. I love that Tulane has many different concentation/certificate options. I think I'll like the course selection at Tulane more than at William and Mary but again I think i'll have better career options at W&M. Also amny ppl advise students to attend the highest ranked school possible. In this case that's W&M 30 and Tulane like 44 I think.
Last thing..I'm not so sure that Tulane grads get emplyment national like ppl claim. That's just the top 10% of class. I hope to be in that group but can't guarntee that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm lloking firadvice to help decide between William and MAry nad U of Wiscon. i;ve been acceptedto both schools and I know that I'll fit in better in Wisconsin nad WI has a great law school but if I go there I'll be stuck in that region meaning it'll be gard for me to get a job outside of that tri state area. I'll have Chicago but the compettion in Chi town is so steep w/ all the othe rtop notch schools there. So then there's W&M which is also a great school but to conservative abd not diverse. i'm liberal and no wherr=e near consevative butI feel like my job options will be better if I attend W&M. I"ll have the atlantic coast including, DC, VA, MD, MA.
I'm not sure what do do. I"m scared i'll be miserable in Willimasburg, VA bu then again i'll get a lot of studying

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