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I have a full scholarship to Univ of Denver, and I've also been accepted to Univ of Illinois- no money so far, and probaby won't get any as my scores are below their medians... I want to do public interest, but I'm still not sure I should choose Denver over Illinois..

I received an email from Univ of Colorado law school saying my file is ready for review and I should receive a decision by the end of May.. Did anyone else receive this email? I'm wondering if they meant March, because most schools require a first deposit in April..

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Univ Michigan waitlist
« on: February 27, 2009, 01:45:50 PM »
Just put on U MIchigan waitlist. In their "frequently asked questions" section, they say the waitlist is kept "small" and that they usually offer about 35-40 people from the waitlist seats. Any idea what they mean by a "small" waitlist? Is there any hope?

Need some advice... Money is a big factor for me in choosing a school. I'm also interested in public interest law, so that matters too.

I'm already in at Univ of Illinois, but their out-of-state tuition is $36,000 and it looks difficult to get in-state after first year.

Univ of Colorado and Univ of Washington look like they have more lenient residency rules- I could possible get in-state tuition after first year. However, they are more regional than Illinois and ranked a bit lower (rankings rankings..).

Also trying to decide if it's worth spending another $65 applying to Univ of North Carolina.. Might be possible to get in-state after first year, but even if not, the out-of-state tution is lots cheaper than Univ Illinois at $27,858. Again, ranked a bit lower than Illinois (38 vs 27).


I have two personal statements I'm working on and can't decide which, if either of them, that I should use. If anyone's willing to read them, I can return the favor. Thanks

I'm sure this is posted somewhere but didn't see it..
How long should a law recommendation letter be? One of my recommenders did a nice letter (she let me read it), but it's almost 1.5 pages. Is this too long? Thanks!

One of my recommenders knows me through our work in a nonprofit (where I am currently employed). She knows a lot about my work in the public interest field, and that i want to pursue public interest law. Is it okay for her law school recommendation to focus on that? Or should it be just a straight law school rec, without mentioning public interest?

I'm working on a personal statement focusing on my values, why I chose the law route, etc. My mother has had a great influence on me as far as my values goes (she is the most unselfish person in the world!)and I'm wondering if it would be bad to spend much of the essay discussing how this has influenced me.
Thanks for any advice.

I'm interested in going into public interest law. Obviously I want to get into the best school I can, but money is an issue. If I get offered financial aid at a lower-ranked school, would it be best to choose that school, or a higher ranked school where I would have to pay full tuition? If I get out of school with tons of debt, there is no way I'll be able to support myself on a public interest salary. Do employers in the public interest field look as closely at rankings as those in the private field? Thanks!

Law School Admissions / Are post-college classes taken into account?
« on: November 20, 2008, 10:41:30 AM »

I had all of my transcripts sent to LSDAS, including transcripts from 3 community colleges where I took language classes AFTER I graduated with my B.A. LSDAS has received all the transcripts, as I can see on the website, but under those last 3 colleges, it just say "SEE TRANS" instead of listing my GPA, etc. Is this normal, or do they not count classes taken after my degree was received?


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