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From Paul L. Caron, TaxProf Blog: ranks the 195 law schools by 1L attrition rates.  (The ABA Section on Legal Education publishes aggregate attrition rates, and each school's attrition rate is available on its official ABA data sheet.)  Here are the 25 law schools with the highest attrition rates according to, along with the school's 2009 U.S. News overall ranking:

   1. Whittier (51.5% 1L attrition, #161 in U.S. News)
   2. Touro (37.4%, #171)
   3. Golden Gate (36.9%, #174)
   4. Western State (32.6%, not ranked)
   5. Jones School of Law (32.3%, not ranked)
   6. Widener (30.5%, #179)
   7. St. Thomas University (28.5%, #174)
   8. Barry (27.6%, #181)
   9. Liberty (27.1%, not ranked)
  10. Thomas M Cooley (26.0%, #181)
  11. Florida Coastal (23.7%, #171)
  12. California Western (23.6%, #156)
  13. Valparaiso (23.4%, #143)
  14. Florida International (23.3%, #153)
  15. Capital (22.8%, #161)
  16. Louisville (22.5%, #100)
  17. North Carolina Central (22.1%, #168)
  18. Detroit Mercy (21.9%, $163)
  19. Nova Southeastern (21.8%, #158)
  20. Oklahoma City (21.0%, $168)
  21. Willamette (21.0%, #137)
  22. Western New England (20.7%, #171)
  23. Northern Kentucky (20.2%, #156)
  24. University of The District of Columbia (20.0%, #181)
  25. Franklin Pierce (19.9%, #131)

With the economy and the over over abundance of law schools and graduates, how in good conscious can the ABA justify keeping these school accredited.  They are all abominations.  And Louisville.... SHAME ON YOU!

I am a non-trad applicant applying to part time programs.  Would anyone care to read and critique?  It is of course the most blah, blah, blah, etc. PS you'll ever read.

PM me and I'll send it over.  I'll read your's as well if you would like.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Southwestern School of Law
« on: November 24, 2008, 09:24:05 AM »
I am a bit confused and perhaps some of you can shed some light for me.  Most people I talk to here in Los Angeles regard Southwestern as a very good option for Law. Most public sector jobs go to Loyola and Southwestern grads.  (What I have been told) When I tell them it's a tier 4, they are very surprised.  Have they recently fallen in rankings or have they always been a tier 4?  Any information on the school would be appreciated. Please don't just bash for bashings sake. Try to have a somewhat informed opinion.  Thank you.

Well, I found an quote that I found somewhat applicable and amusing.  My Question is, are they cliche'.  Don't want to botch the damn thing in the opening sentence. Any comments... or torturous written personal jabs at me in general?  I'll even settle for an amusing adecdote.

Thank you.

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