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Incoming 1Ls / UPenn 3L Taking Questions
« on: April 09, 2009, 12:26:11 AM »

I'm kinda over law school, but I don't want crappy grades since I want to reapply for appellate clerkships.  I also want to get off my butt and write some publishable papers this year.... but all I can seem to do is lay on the couch watching episodes of "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency."   :-[

What can I do to feel motivated again?

Current Law Students / Clerkship applications are out...
« on: September 03, 2008, 02:51:47 AM »
Nothing to do now but worry until the 8th...  :-[

hey y'all, been ages since i've been here.  i was just wondering who's done with oci--and, more importantly, who's working in nyc next summer?  we can have a reunion!  :)

btw, i am soooo sick of law firm interviews.  i must have told like 100 people why i want to be a lawyer.  ::)

I entered my dog into a pet contest, and I really want her to do well (I don't want her to get low self-esteem or anything, plus she really needs a new collar!).  If you have a sec, can you please vote for her?

Here the link to her pic:
And you can vote (for Bhakti #28) here:

If you want to see her competition, here's the main page:
Don't be swayed into voting for the ferret, even though he's totally cute--fortunately, Bhakti just needs to beat the other dogs  :D

Thanks y'all!

(FYI, they send you an email to confirm your vote; just click on the link and it's done!)

General Off-Topic Board / Current students: The Exam Moping Thread
« on: December 13, 2006, 10:00:26 PM »
So I had my first test today, which for whatever reason the school decided should be Civ Pro.  I wrote a lot, and I know I got SOME stuff.... but all I can keep thinking about is the stuff I missed.  I know for certain I misidentified one issue (I called defensive nonmutual collateral estoppel OFFENSIVE, grrr); it hit me like two hours after the test.  I should have thrown in more about joinder, fur sure, even though not immediately relevant... that was a secondary issue.  How can I stop thinking about this?????

Oh, did I mention, our prof gave us 90 min. to analyze a 3pg., single-spaced fact pattern? And said he gave no credit unless everything was in full sentences with some analysis?  Lose-lose sitch.  :-\

I know this would make more sense in the current students side of the board, but since all the smart people seem to have stayed on this side, I'm throwing it here.

So let's have 'em... stuff that's been bothering you in class, but your prof is unable/unwilling to explain it properly....  here's mine: what's the difference between a motion for summary judgment (R. 56) and a motion for judgment as a matter of law (R. 50a)?  Is the only difference the stage in the trial when you can file them?

PS--also, which 1L cases would make the best Halloween costume?  We're having a dress-up party next week  ;)

The other night I went to a happy hour for my law school and a girl left to go smoke... I was kinda surprised--do people still do that?

Only one person smokes in my office, the office manager... and she IS a little on the trashy side. 

I've been known to have a cig while out drinking on a handful of occassions, myself... but the last time I did this I just felt lame.  The group of smokers outside the NYC bars seem to have gotten less cool.

General Off-Topic Board / Did you Photoshop your Facebook picture?
« on: July 06, 2006, 08:32:32 AM »
I totally did.  In my defense, I'd been out sick for a week and forgot to have my coworker take a picture... so the day I did it, I had no makeup on and hadn't taken a shower! 

I want to make a poll for this, but I don't know how.  Anyone  ???


Here's NY:

New York
By Carey Bertolet

It's the holiday season, and it appears that Manhattan is singular of purpose: celebrating the end of the year. However, we have been somewhat surprised to find ourselves more busy than usual in the New York office. While past years may have seen a shuttering up at the end of the year, many firms are truly gearing up their lateral recruiting efforts, and BCG candidates continue to interview on a daily basis!

Of course, many of us, when thinking about Christmastime, think of large-scale commercial litigation. While that's certainly not true, it is true that firms are focusing on their litigation searches, many of which are quite different from the others. While some large firms are specifically pinpointing laterals with significant litigation experience outside of the library, others are more focused on those with investigations experience, especially with respect to criminal investigations before the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, or the Federal Trade Commission, to name a few. There is a high demand for litigators who show a great deal of maturity and personality and who are likely candidates to go to client meetings and represent the firms. Intellectual property patent litigators with a good client-development orientation will do very well.

As always, New York is the capital of cutting-edge corporate work, and that work includes the most novel and interesting corporate transactions. All manner of debt and equity transactions, from the warehouse-backed securitization to the LBO to the IPO to the CDO, go on here in large measure. Clearly, then, an attorney with these specialties in any degree is quite in demand. While a junior-level associate with access to some of these types of transactions has great mobility, more senior spots are generally reserved for those with more of a focus and specialization. We are seeing great demand for senior-level associates with broker/dealer regulatory experience, among a myriad of other corporate and finance specialties.

Corporate attorneys should also be aware of what conventional wisdom sees as a fairly significant experience gap, not surprisingly, from the classes of 2000 to 2002. An associate at that level who is at or above his/her class in terms of actual transactional experience in the corporate work—especially securities, high-yield 144a offerings, and mergers and acquisitions—will have significant opportunities. Importantly, many of these opportunities have a better road to promotion because even in large corporate departments, there will be less likelihood of competition.

Intellectual property is still very much focused on electrical engineers and computer science majors, who are desperately needed by firms for patent prosecution and, at the more senior level, litigation, transactional work, and counseling. For those firms looking for patent prosecutors, the class-year level they are willing to consider is much more constrained—a senior electrical engineer may have too high a billing rate to participate solely in prosecution.

We have seen more trademark positions, although they are already in more limited supply relative to other practice areas, given the perception that the work is more fun than that of other intellectual property practices. Increasingly, many of the trademark positions integrate both traditional trademark prosecution and litigation, so they are especially attractive to those lawyers who like a bit of diversity in their day-to-day trademark matters.

All year, it's been all about real estate attorneys. Similarly, firms are not indiscriminately hiring any real estate attorney that crosses their paths. Many firms have slowed their searches to wait for candidates who are more mid-level associates and are focused on those who have taken on significant transactional responsibility. Residential real estate experience will, more often than not, not satisfy the commercial real estate groups looking, although there are firms who are handling marquee residential real estate transactions. More than before, real estate finance is the type of experience sought, and a candidate with even limited access to sophisticated real estate finance transactions will have substantial opportunities.

We are still working on some incredibly exciting antitrust opportunities, both regulatory- and litigation-oriented. It bears repeating that partnership opportunities may be much more likely in this area, as are several opportunities to do high-level newspaper-headline-making work. A candidate who can legitimately claim a facility with Hart-Scott-Rodino will likely do extremely well in terms of a lateral move.

We have seen quite a bit of interest in good trusts and estates lawyers, and several searches have been quite urgent and have opened and closed rather quickly. Firms are stating some specific needs in tax, although the hiring in that practice area has simply not been matched by the stated needs of firms. There has been some labor and employment litigation activity, but generally speaking, we have not seen too robust a market for these lawyers, although a smattering of very good opportunities does exist.

The holiday season is often an emotional time for people, who take stock of where they are in terms of their families and lives. We believe it is also an appropriate time to take stock of your career goals and consider whether there are opportunities suited to your background.


Do these sorts of reports influence what fields you want to practice in?

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