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Choosing the Right Law School / Case v. SUNY Buffalo v. Temple
« on: April 04, 2010, 03:59:35 PM »
I have an impossible time making decisions. Nor do I know what I want half the time. So, these are the things I want for sure. 1. I want to work in NY or DC after graduation. Not big law or corporate. At the moment I'm leaning towards just working for the government or something 2. I don't want to do all work and have no play. I want to go to restaurants, bars, concerts, go shopping and have fellow law students willing to do it with me, and not sit there freaking out about how much they want to rank higher than that kid sitting next to them.

Aside from that, I suppose I wouldn't mind being closer to home (Temple), wouldn't mind cheap (UB), wouldn't mind having built in friends (Case). There are a bunch of other little things that I could factor in as well, but I think the above few things are my main concerns. Maybe study abroad potential, not dying (all these schools are in kind of bad neighborhoods), overall quality of life/teachers/students/ect too. For those wondering about price, Buffalo would cost me 11k a year, Case 25k (if I keep my scholarship) and Temple 30 (but, 20k after the first year if I could establish residency).

I also think I would like American or Brooklyn a lot, but I am waitlisted. And both would be absurdly expensive, so I think I ruled them out. But, if there would be some big advantage to going there, then I can consider taking on the debt, and attempting to get off the waitlist.

Since I know little about most of these schools, any input is helpful.

Law School Admissions / About to turn in my apps... total ap exchange?
« on: January 05, 2010, 07:13:02 AM »
I have a GPA addendum (that I'm beginning to think may be unnecessary), and disciplinary action addendum, a letter of rec (that talks about my creativity, because its my play writing teacher) that I'm wondering if I should send, and a personal statement. Anyone else in the final stages of applying who would like to swap all these things? Or give some input even if you don't want to exchange? You all must understand how nerve wracking it is to finally turn in an app.


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