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Choosing the Right Law School / CUNY, NCCU or UALR???
« on: February 02, 2009, 11:33:13 AM »
I can't decided which school to attend in the fall. I live in NY so CUNY would be VERY convenient, but I would like to eventually move out of New York, which makes North Carolina Central and University of Arkansas at Little Rock great options.All three schools are in my price range, because I will NOT be taking out loans to attend law school. I do not need anymore debt taking into consideration my career goals and the fact that I am not planning to make 6 figures a year!  ;)

Which school (although they are pretty much on the same level I believe) is better in terms of opportunities etc. (not going after BigLaw so please no 'retake the LSAT' or 'NONE because they aren't T14 schools' posts please. If you do not have any advice that is RELEVANT to my question and THESE schools, please do not respond. Thanks  ;D

Arkansas - Little Rock / Anyone considering UALR this fall???
« on: January 25, 2009, 01:24:21 PM »
I am from the East coast so I definitely do not know anything about Arkansas, but I am very impressed with what I have seen from UALR. I haven't gotten a chance to visit, but I anticipate doing so within the next month or so. If you already attend or if you are planning to attend, and you are familiar with the area, can you give me a little bit of insight? There isn't much on this discussion board about UALR ironically so its been a bit of a wild goose chase for me!

I'd love to get feedback on the following topics:
Job Prospects (not Biglaw... just decent respectable positions)
Weather (lol  ::) I said I didn't know anything about Arkansas.. )
_________(Fill in the blank with anything that you think I've missed  ;D  )

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope that I can get a better idea of the school from your responses. I am excited at the possibility of starting over somewhere completely new and different :-)

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