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Indiana University-Indianapolis:
Tuition last year was ~$16,000 (I am in-state)
  $10,000, 3.2 to renew (top 30%, down from top 10%)
  $5,000, 3.4 to renew (top 10%)
If I don't keep the scholarship(s), which is what I am assuming, total debt from tuition will be ~$33,000

University of Cincinnati:
Tuition would be ~$19,000 per year
  $8,500 per year, good standing to renew (do not fail out)
At the end of 3 years, total debt from tuition will be ~$31,500

In Indy, I would be living in a high rise apartment downtown and would end up costing more than living in Cincy.  Indy's law building is newer and nicer.  All of the state and federal agencies are right downtown near both the law school and where I would be living.  Big class, 290 students, 1/3 of which are part time.  Section is roughly 100 students.    If I were to lose the scholarship after 1L, it would be possible to consider switching to PT and working to defray costs.  I like the city.

In Cincy, I would be living somewhere in Northern Kentucky (in the Greater Cincinnati region, hopefully right across the river).  The building is old, but I liked it regardless.  The class size is very small, 135 max, LRW and one substantive course with a small section of 20-25 students the first year.  I am from Indiana and know less about Cincinnati in general (neither a pro nor a con, it is just something to consider).  Didn't spend a lot of time in the city, but I am sure I would like it.

Looking for some insight, hopefully from some others in the Midwest.  I could be happy at either school I think, they both have their good points and they seem to about equal out.  The big thing is living in Indy will cost more, but I will be close to everything and the state/federal/govt opportunities downtown are numerous.  I don't know if a Cincy degree will create more opportunities after graduation.  I have visited both schools and I will not be able to receive additional scholarship funding.

Choosing the Right Law School / Unsure what to do, help?
« on: January 30, 2009, 12:47:08 AM »
So here's my situation..  3.99 (4.12 LSAC), 160 LSAT with a modicum of prep.  I've applied to a handful of schools (LSN posted below).  I know with some prep I could score higher on the LSAT and apply to a few t14 schools (would probably be interested in Duke, Virginia, Berkeley) and also some top 25 schools (Emory, Notre Dame, University of Texas, maybe Boston University).  I don't know if it's just the name that I'm interested in.  I'm definitely not interested in accruing t14 debt and I want to minimize my debt regardless of where I end up attending.  I'm also not terribly interested in biglaw.  I guess don't want to end up feeling like I'm selling myself short, so to speak, but I think what's bothering me most is that I want to keep my options open for the future.  I'm afraid that if I don't go to a top 50+ school that I will end up regretting it.

I've thought about studying for the June LSAT whilst waiting for this year's admissions cycle to finish up, and if my score was high enough, I could wait and apply to law school in the fall.  I guess I'm looking for opinions, insight, whatever you want to throw my way (I'm looking for a little more than "retake." as that much is apparent =).  As a community that has faced some of the same issues that I'm facing right now, I wanted to turn to you all.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

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