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Current Law Students / Barbri vs. Kaplan for bar prep?
« on: September 08, 2009, 12:44:30 PM »
Which one is considered the "better" course? Is Kaplan Bar prep regarded in the same light as Kaplan LSAT prep? (Not too great?)

Obviously the market isn't doing too great now, but I may have the opportunity to get a "legal internship" for the summer at a large company, doing transactional stuff but not pleadings/motions/memos.  What worries me is the position is open to both undergraduate upperclassmen and law students, which makes me wonder how substantive the legal work would be if undergrads are also allowed to be interns.

  Should I just take my chances and keep looking for a clerk job this summer, or would a legal internship at a large well known company still look alright on a resume? I'm just worried that it will look like I wasted my 2L summer if I do not work as a law clerk? Thanks.

Current Law Students / What do you ask the interviewer at the end?
« on: October 13, 2008, 11:49:01 AM »
What questions should be asked to the interviewer once they ask "So do you have any questions for me?".  I know that you should not ask things easily available on their website (details about summer program), but this leaves me to a blank as to what is appropriate to ask?  Thanks

Through networking, I got an interview at a very competitive law firm. I am at a second tier school and my grades are a tad below 1/3rd (like top 38%).  It sounds like the place is giving me an initial interview (1 attorney interviewing me for 30 minutes). 

Is there any chance I will get past the pre-screening interview because of my lack of elite school/grades?  I am trying to get excited about going, but it's hard since I know this place would never have given me an interview if I applied directly (they don't even come to my school for OCI). 

Current Law Students / Prepping for a Non-OCI biglaw interview?
« on: October 08, 2008, 08:00:07 AM »
I have an interview at a biglaw firm through networking, and they told me to come in for an interview next time I am around that area (It is for an out of state firm) and there is not a set date. The interview will be with one attorney for 30 minutes (Is this an OCI type initial interview, even though this is separate from OCI?)  I am looking for any interview advice I can get. I had one interview for a corporate counsel internship that was through OCI, but I wasn't really asked any questions and the interviewer just discussed classes he took at my school and general discussion. Thank you

**UPDATE *** - Found out that the person interviewing me will be one of the partners (my contact's contact.  Also my contact knows the partner interviewing me, since my contact's company has used this law firm in the past) Does that change anything? (hopefully!)

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