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Choosing the Right Law School / what schools? I'm lost
« on: November 16, 2008, 12:27:43 AM »
I am looking DC/VA/NC/SC/GA/TN region and the Southwest for schools.

Numbers: 3.09 UGPA from Miami (OH) in Finance and a 158 LSAT.

Background: Take year off to teach in Japan, Worked in major Chicago bank for summer, held two high responsibility jobs while in school (head manager at bar 2yrs, lab tech for 200+pc's)

I've also got a handful of killer LOR's

I'm just a bit lost on which schools to apply to.  I feel my numbers are holding me back even though I've had the experience and jobs to qualify me for a better school.

Any ideas on schools?

I guess my number 1 right now is UNC, but with my GPA and LSAT it'd be a stretch.


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