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Law School Admissions / What are my chances?
« on: August 20, 2008, 11:45:49 AM »
 I've been on edge about this whole law school application process as the time nears for my first and hopefully only LSAT i'll be taking in October. I graduated from NYU last may and am working as a compliance analyst at LG (insurance sector). What do you think are my chances to get into the top 20~25 schools with a gpa of 3.5 (on LSAC, but with an upward shift since I switched majors-receiving 4.0 after such change). I am getting around mid to high 160s on my practice tests and hopefully will be able to get around 5~10 more points on these until the test date. I also was a undergrad TA in psychology during my senior year of college and decided to take a year off to make sure "law school" was my best career choice.
With what LSAT score should I be confident of securing a seat in schools like: GWU, Notre Dame, U Wash, USC, etc?

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