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Current Law Students / Job rankings for upper middle of the class
« on: August 14, 2008, 11:41:52 AM »
I'd like anyone's opinion on these choices:

1) job as an atty w/ state agency in your specific area of interest (IE: State DEP for Env Law junkie, or Dept. of Banking/Insurance for people interested in that, etc...) Salary = about $40,000

2) job as a state appellate court clerk, Salary = about $45,000

3) job as attorney w/ State House or Senate... this option might even allow for specific area of interest, IE: Senate Committee on Envir Planning, or House Growth Management and Development Committee, etc... Salary = about $47,500

4) Job w/ a small law firm that's going to be more hours, slightly more money, but mainly insurance defense or either Plaintiff's work... Salary = about $55,000

Which would you take and why... please share any thoughts

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