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Book Sales and Trades / Looking for these 1L books
« on: August 15, 2008, 03:02:39 PM »
Email me if you have these books at,

Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander, Schill
6th ed.
Aspen Publishing
ISBN: 0735557926
ISBN-13: 9780735557925

Tort Law & Alternatives
Franklin & Rabin
8th edition
Foundation Press
ISBN: 1599410354
ISBN-13: 9781599410357

Problems in Contract Law:
Cases and Materials
Charles L. Knapp, et al
6th ed.
Aspen Publishing

Civil Procedure: A Contemporary
A. Benjamin Spencer
2nd edition, 2007
Thomson West
ISBN: 0314187855
ISBN-13: 978-0314187857

Studying and Exam Taking / New professor- No old exams
« on: August 15, 2008, 01:18:40 PM »
Hey all,

So, I just got my class schedule and read up a little on my
professors. I discovered that one of the professors is new, coming
from another university.

I've noticed on the all the study articles, working from the
professor's old exams is essential. But since this professor is new,
how do I approach it now?

He might have old exams from his old university, but I don't know if I
would be able to get them/or if it's even feasible.

Any recommendations?

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