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How common is it to study abroad during law school.  I'm looking at one semester-long Chinese Law (with 7-semester LL.M option) program in particular at Tsinghua University that I've seen promoted on Boston University's and UPenn's websites.  I am also interested in programs in Hong Kong.  From what I know, schools are very limited by the ABA in the number of students (4) they can send abroad to the same university in any given year. 

Is anyone else interested in studying abroad during law school.  I was in China for some time in college and I hope to build on that with further Chinese legal studies expertise. 

I've been working full-time in Education since Jan '04 and I hope to start law school in 2010.  This past December I took my first practice exam and scored 154.  Been studying with Kaplan books for months and aim for 170 on September LSAT.  I messed up in undergrad at a top20 liberal arts where I failed classes senior year because aLOT of stuff happening (addendum).  Finished senior year with part-time classes, F/T work at a large state university and transferred the credits to my liberal arts.  That's years behind me and I've been working a good gig where I travel internationally every year and have major responsibilities.  College admission work.  I oversee our international student recruitment.

I'm applying next fall to some T14s (probably Georgetown, Michigan, Penn, Columbia), then BU, BC (my two top choices), GWU, American with Northeastern being my safety.  I used to prowl LSN religiously looking for hardcore splitters like me at top schools and there's always one or two here and there.  Would I need to be in the mid-170's to have some shot at T14?  It's so unpredictable.  Northwestern used to top my list since they're friendly to work experience but I've stricken it for personal reasons.  Any insight?   Thanks!

Choosing the Right Law School / New USNEWS rankings coming out tomorrow
« on: August 20, 2008, 05:53:24 PM »
Well, at midnight on the 22nd, but that's basically tomorrow night.  Will there be any shakeup in T14?  Will any TTT's become uhh...not TTT?  Does USNews even matter? 

Law School Admissions / LSAT score-based application fee waivers
« on: August 11, 2008, 12:15:26 AM »
Do most (T26) schools issue LSAT score-based application fee waivers?  How soon after the LSAT are they issued? 

If I work and bring my LSAT up to 170, would I get some fee waivers from some of the schools?  I'll be a splitter since my GPA is around 3.0, but I wouldn't really want to go anywhere below Boston College rankings-wise.  I am considering Northeastern, though, because the co-op program seems pretty awesome and you can use it to network your way into some sweet positions/offers, I'd imagine. So, anyway, application fee waivers.  As a potential splitter, I'd have to apply to more schools than normal and I'm just interested in finding out how I can keep the application costs down.  I'm working full-time so I doubt that I'd qualify for an LSAC fee waiver. 

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